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World Cup Ski Sharpener

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The ES-V4 World Cup Sharpener is designed to sharpen ski edges faster and make them sharper than can be done by using typical files and stones.

What comes with the unit:
Sharpener including 600 stone
Power supply – 110-220v / 50-60 Hz
Storage bag
Water bottle
Dressing stone
Spare fuse

· 400 Grit stone
· 1200 Grit stone

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Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 10 in

3 reviews for World Cup Ski Sharpener

  1. Mark Navin

    Absolutely awesome. A huge time saver with two kids racing and lots of skis to tune. Amazingly sharp and smooth edges. The design is much more robust than the lower priced plastic units.

  2. Maris Prieditis

    This ski sharpener is worth every dime. It can set new edge bevels on new skis in no time, and touch up edges after each practice or race in about 2 minutes effortlessly and very accurately. As a coach of 30 years and a father of two USST racers I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product.

  3. Brenda Daams

    Worth every penny! We have two boys racing each with 3 pairs of skis each. The amount of tunning time saved is beyond incredible, not to mention the clean, sharp edges. Look no further, you need this sharpener!

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